July 2014

The rain was falling hard this past evening. The electricity was out as usual. I was doing some chanting in my kuti and this was what it looked like. This was posted on Google+

I saw a newly ordained bhikkhu near the "Pre-leftovers" table. I asked him how he was doing and he said to me. "I am doing much better mentally, physically and energetically. No attainments for what I originally came here for, but things are good."I told him, "You can be happy just radiating Loving-kindness all of …

I saw a newly ordained bhikkhu near the “Pre-leftovers” table. I asked him how he was doing and he said… Read More »

Better Late Than NeverSome people believe they are too old to become a monk. Venerable Ashin Nandasara ordained at age 55 and has accumulated 30 Rains which is very special among monks who ordain at any age. Currently, he is the oldest bhikkhu practicing today at Pa-Auk Meditation Center (Main) at Aged 85. He is …

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Monks' RobesThis scene is easily recognizable to be the area close to the Upper Meditation Hall, located halfway up the mountain. Long ago, I camped out inside that hall for about two years with the "overflow bhikhus," but that is another story.  This was posted on Google+

Monasterynote5: Walkman KaraokeHere is an excerpt from Walkman Karaoke, a story from a collection I wrote from 1999 to 2006 entitled, Going For Broke. Often, these stories would be sent out to family and friends I had long ago whome most were not Buddhists. The stories were just stories and electronic cameras were not common …

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It is not just a job, it's Right Livelihood.A kitchen worker makes an aspiration after delivering the day's meal to the Pa-Auk Upper Monastery, Myanmar.Photos by Yogi Bram (Belgium) This was posted on Google+

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